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Thursday, April 19, 2012


I used to love travelling and especially air travel but I got to tell you, I really don't like flying anymore. I travel a fair bit and it gets worse every time. First off they charge you for everything! Charging for blanket...really? New planes seem to be smaller so they can fit more people in so you are cramped the whole trip plus it takes longer to get off the plane if you are stuck in the middle or back of the plane.

I always carry on my guitar because I don't want the baggage handlers to destroy or lose my guitar which has happened, luckily not to me although I did have a beautiful Mesa Boogie amp destroyed on a flight. I had a Calzone travel case for it too but they found a way I guess. I recently bought a Reunion Blues gig bag which fits all of my electrics which is great. This thing is amazing. It's light but really well padded and is really a flight case but in soft shell form. I always put my guitar above the seats and it ALWAYS fits. The ticket person always expresses concern that it won't fit and I tell them that I do this a lot and it fits every time. It doesn't take up anymore room than a carry on luggage bag, just different dimensions.
I wish train travel would improve and North America would catch up to Japan and Europe. Trains travel at incredible speeds and are clean and modern. Oh well maybe one day.

I've been listening to:

Johnny Cash "Live at Folsom Prison" which came out in 1968. What a great record and great band with Al Casey on guitar, Marshall Grant on bass and W.S. Holland on drums. Al Casey was with Cash from the beginning and later went on to be part of the infamous Wrecking Crew in L.A. which were the session musician A-team in the 60's and into the 70's. This recording really captures Cash's irreverence and bad ass demeanour, which by itself means nothing but he was a also very special artist. He had a way of delivering a song and it's message like no other. If you don't have this recording definitely get it.

Alan Jackson - "What I Do" which came out in 2004. I really like Alan Jackson's voice and his recordings are always filled with great songs except a couple which have really stupid lyrics and story lines. This recording features the Nashville A-team. Brent Mason on electric guitar, Eddie Bayers on drums, Glenn Worf on bass, Matt Rollings on piano, Stuart Duncan on fiddle and Paul Franklin on pedal steel and lap steel plus others. Nice record for sure.

That's all for now.