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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Influences and inspirations part 6 (Bill Frisell).

I'm enjoying this series of blog posts, presenting musicians who have helped me and continue to help me on my life long musical journey. Bill Frisell is one of those musicians who I always look to for inspiration and he never let's me down. He's not only a fantastic guitar player, who has such a unique and personal approach to the guitar, but is also a musical chemist of sorts. His inspirations and influences reach way beyond just jazz as do mine and he's influenced by movie scores to some degree like I am. His music has always been very cinematic in it's approach and arranging. My trio "Sean Bray's Peach Trio" is mostly original music that I approached writing the the compositions as I would a film score. Each song is based on a memory or feeling or observation so it's also cinematic it it's approach.

Bill Frisell grew up in Denver as did I (grades 5 - 8) plus he lived in New York for a number of years before relocating to Seattle. He also has a penchant for Americana music and Telecasters like I do. What's not to like?

One of the things I really like about his approach to the guitar and what I've certainly been very influenced by is his use of harmony notes more that chords. It's harmonizing the scale more than just playing chords which makes it very liquid and gives his music spontaneity and motion.

Here is a great example of Frisell's spontaneity and genius. Very cinematic. He also shows his love for all kinds of music.

Here is another beautiful example of the genius that is Bill Frisell. This is a full length concert from Bill Frisell's band at Lincoln Center's Dizzy's Club in New York, playing music from his new CD "When You Wish Upon a Star". This recording and concert features Charlie Haden's daughter vocalist Petra Haden. Watch the whole concert because it's worth it. Beautiful take on music from film and television through the mind of musical mad scientist Bill Frisell.

Hope you are enjoying this series "Influences and Inspirations" and I am having fun sharing a glimpse into those who are the partial architects of my music tapestry.

That's all for now.