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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Big Bands etc

Sorry for the long spell between posts. Been busy, which in this industry is good. I have recently been playing in a big band in addition to the other projects I play in and it's been a lot of fun to say the least. Playing in a group as large as this requires a different set of musical approaches. First of all it's a good butt kicker because of the reading involved. Secondly it's always somewhat loud to really loud and fitting in without being too loud yourself can be tricky. I find it advantageous to always have a bit of headroom on my guitar volume so that I can always kick it up a notch if needed. Third thing is when you get a solo there is no time to relax and develop your solo like you would in a small ensemble setting. It's more like playing behind a singer or on a pop session. Nothing better or worse about it but it's just different. You have to get to the point quickly with a lot of sound behind you. I highly recommend going out and seeing a big band play as it's something to see.

I've been listening to:

"Barney Kessel, Ray Brown and Shelley Manne - The Poll Winners"
Great record with guitarist Barney Kessel leading the trio through 40 minutes of beautifully played trio jazz. Bassist Ray Brown is definitely one of the most celebrated and respected bassist in jazz and Shelley Manne was a fantastic drummer who has played with everybody from Coleman Hawkins to and Woody Herman to playing on lots of film scores and even acted in "The Man With Golden Arm" with Frank Sinatra. This recording is full of interplay and tight trio playing. Tunes like Duke Jordan's "Jordu, "It Could Happen To You", "Green Dolphin Street", Satin Doll and more. Worth getting

That's all for now.

Here's some of the great Barney Kessel.