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Thursday, April 11, 2013

American Idol and the like....the demise of the artist?

Sorry for the long lapse of time between postings. Been busy with gigs, sessions and teaching.

I must say that I am saddened by the enormous popularity and influence shows like American Idol and the like have on the general public. 30 years old is the cutoff age to be on Idol. Really 30? Wow. The concept of what good singing and performing is has been so warped by these shows. Can you imagine if a young Joni Mitchell or Emmylou Harris or Billie Holiday were to appear on those shows? They wouldn't get past the audition. There would be comments like "I'm not feeling the energy" or "smile and move more". These shows are all about knocking every song out of the park and nothing about texture, emotion and dynamics let alone musicality. Looks and youth are the goal here and this is sending a terrible message out to the general public that they can become a big singing star because they can warble away on an Alicia Keys song and they deserve to make it big. No dues have been paid, no experience or training under their belts, not to mention the hundreds of hours it takes to be really good at something. The difference between the teen girl that warbles and over sings the Alicia Keys song and Alicia Keys is talent and a lot of hard work. Alicia keys is very talented and sings and plays great through hours of dedicated practice and wait for it.....she's over 30.

I never get tired of great music. Any genre. I've been listening to the Beatles a lot lately as well as Ray Charles, Eric Clapton, Neil Young, The Rolling Stones, Crosby Stills Nash and Young, Willie Nelson and Boz Scaggs. There is no hype here, just good music.

I have made a lesson video on how to play George Harrison's "Something" which is from The Beatles "Abbey Road". Classic record and beautiful song. I also demonstrate how to play the great George Harrison guitar solo. Enjoy.