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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Playing originals with different people.

Had a great couple of weeks playing music. The first two gigs were in Toronto with my trio "Sean Bray's Peach Trio" with David MacDougall on drums on both gigs and bassist Mark Dunn on the first one and bassist Chris Banks on the second. The first gig was at The Home Smith Bar at The Old Mill and Mark Dunn is the regular bass player in the trio and has been for a long time so he obviously knows the tunes inside and out and plays with beautiful  interaction with both Dave and me. The three of us have been a band for a while now and it really shows in the music.

The second trio gig was at The Rex Jazz and Blues Bar and Mark couldn't make it so I used Chris Banks on bass who is also a wonderful player. I have played with Chris a bit over the years and also played with him on Tracey Dey's CD "Tightrope Walker" so I knew his playing. When you hand someone an original piece of music to play you give some verbal description of feel etc but that's about it. The rest is the players interpretation of not only your description of the way the song goes feel and style wise but of what they react to when it is being played. Chris played beautifully and the sounds sounded slightly different than when Mark plays them which is great. Both sounded fantastic but it really shows you how great players will interpret and play a piece of music differently. Good players always sound like themselves.

The third gig was in Kelowna BC with a wonderful guitar player and old friend Loni Moger at a great club called The Mistrel Cafe and Bar. I hadn't seen Loni for probably 25 years since we both lived in Calgary Alberta. We bumped into each other at Wentworth Music in Kelowna this past December and both expressed how interested we both were in playing together so Loni set this gig up for us. Two guitars! Love that configuration if it's with the right player and it certainly was. We played standards as well as several of my tunes and with the same sort of verbal descriptions of the feel and vibe of the tune Loni played them beautifully but again differently which is great.

That's what I love so much about music is that the same song played by different players will sound different and each player will bring their own thing to it. Nice gigs for sure. I had just bought a '58 Fender American Vintage Telecaster so I got a chance to play it on the Kelowna gig. Wow what a fantastic guitar.

Here is that guitar on The Tennessee Waltz. Video and editing by my uber talented daughter Quinn.

I've been listening to:

George Strait "Twang" and "Love is Everything" which are the last two records he has put out. Great writing, fantastic singing by George Strait who is always the real deal and of course world class playing from Nashville's A-Team which of course includes the great Brent Mason on guitar.

Ricky Skaggs "Highways and Heartaches"which came out in 1982 and features the fantastic Jerry Douglas on Dobro and the great Ray Flacke on guitar. Fantastic record!

Robben Ford - "A Day In Nashville" which is his newest record. I love Robben Ford's guitar playing. He really nails that blues/jazz playing and this record doesn't disappoint. It was recorded in one  day in Nashville. Tracking 9 tunes in one day is really hard to do. Check this one out.

That's all for now!