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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Scales in intervals

Busy week of teaching and practising as well as writing my music book. The book will be focusing on the intermediate to advanced guitar student. The market is flooded with beginner books. Still wrestling with Sibelius but I think I'm finally winning I think.

I have always been an avid listener of music. I feel it is an education for me as well as pleasure and I really don't like genres or categories even though I still use them sometimes to describe a band or song style. I like all kinds of music and categorize my music collection by the alphabet instead of genre. John Coltrane lives next door to Eric Clapton with Johnny Cash and Chopin on either side of them. I never understood people who categorically shut out a music genre. I've heard people say "I love all music except country and opera". Really? I've heard opera that brings you to your knees with it's beauty and country music can be so straight to the heart. I must say I usually don't like rap music and I find the vulgarity of a lot of rap insulting and disgusting but I have heard some rap that is quite amazing. Keep your mind open and your horizons wide.

On that topic, I listened to:

Sarah Vaughan "The Gershwin Songbook Vol. 1 and 2" which was initially released under the name "Sings George Gershwin" in 1957 but was later renamed upon re-release as "The Gershwin Song Book". I guess they realized poor brother Ira had a lot to do with it as well. I love Sarah Vaughan. What a big, beautiful voice and amazing phrasing.

Bass Desires "Bass Desires" which is bassist Marc Johnson's band in the '80's with two guitars (John Scofield and Bill Frisell) and drummer Peter Erskine. Amazing music. These musicians were a huge influence on me when I was younger and still are today.

Toronto band of internationally known jazz players called JMOG which stands for Jazz Men On the Go. Terrible name but great band. Tenor sax man Pat LaBarbera, pianist Don Thompson (who also plays bass and vibes but not on this record), Neil Swainson on bass and Pat's brother Joe LaBarbera on drums. If you can find this CD get it. It's on the Sackville label which is a Toronto label.

Marty Stuart's "Soul Chapel. Great country music recorded the old style way in a Nashville studio with a big recording floor. Marty Stuart is a great vocalist plus a really good guitar and fiddle player. He was the guitarist in Johnny Cash's band for a number of years. Kenny Vaughan is also on guitar and he's fantastic along with Glenn Worf on bass and Chad Cromwell and Paul Griffith on drums. Nice record.

Check out the following lesson on practising scales with intervals to make them sound like melodies when using them to improvise with. Nothing worse than a scale sounding like a scale when soloing. It's all about playing melodies when soloing.

Bye for now!

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