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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Three thinking as one

Had a great gig Sunday with my trio "Sean Bray's Peach Trio" at the Rex in Toronto. First off, if you haven't been to the Rex and you live in Toronto then you are really missing out and if you are planning a visit to Toronto, make it a must do. Great club right downtown on Queen Street. Has at least 2 jazz bands per night and is a great venue to really play out. The audience is usually well versed in seeing jazz and improvised bands so they know how to respond to solos etc. Unfortunately the Sunday night we played was a really frigid night and really the first of the winter so attendance wasn't what it would have normally been. That didn't stop the trio from tearing it up and the patrons who did brave the cold really digging it.

I love this trio. Mark Dunn on bass and David MacDougall on drums. I have played with Mark for some years now in various projects including my Peach Trio. He plays great and is really into the trio which shows. Dave is a newer addition and is a really great drummer who also gets inside the music and makes it breath and groove. I love having a band in the rock band sense where the personnel is the same and there are rarely subs. No charts, just close your eyes and play. The material I have written for the trio is a real hybrid of styles which definitely represent my listening habits. There are some roots and folk elements but always with a jazz improv treatment. The trio really thinks like one and is able to move and adjust during the tune, making it a real improvised performance. We rise and fall together dynamically and even hang on a section longer than the time before because it feels right.

We are planning to record this trio in March so I'll keep you posted.

I've been listening to:

Chick Corea & Origin "Change" 
I really dig this band. Chick is such a great writer and of course a fantastic piano player. This recording feature's Chick's sextet "Origin" which is comprised of Chick Corea - piano, marimba and hand claps, Avishai Cohen - acoustic bass, Steve Wilson - soprano and alto sax, flute and clarinet, Bob Sheppard - tenor sax, bass clarinet and flute, Steve Davis - trombone,  and Jeff Ballard - drums and hand claps. Great record.

Chris Potter - Underground
Chris Potter has grown to be probably the finest saxophonist of his generation or at least one of a very small handful. Potter has recorded some fantastic CDs as a leader and has appeared on many others as a sideman. Steely Dan, Dave Holland, John Patitucci to name a few. This recording features Potter on tenor sax, Wayne Krantz on guitar, Craig Taborn on Fender Rhodes, and drummer Nate Smith. Original sound for sure. Kind of a modern take on the bass-less organ quartet without the organ??? Wayne Krantz really shines on this record as he always does. Definitely pick it up!

Here is a video that my daughter Quinn shot at our Rex gig last Sunday. The trio does our version of a few cover tunes as well as originals. Here is Coldplay's "Yellow". Enjoy!

I give lessons in Toronto so if you are planning a visit to Toronto or live here already contact me at Internet lessons coming soon as well.

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