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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Live recording

My Peach Trio recorded a live soon to be released CD this past Saturday night. We performed as part of the Jazz Masters series at The Old Mill in Toronto. Great audience for the most part with the exception of two really noisy women that came in about half way through our last song. Can't use that one. Jaymz Bee and the Jazz FM jazz safari came by for a set and were a great audience. The jazz safari is something that Jazz FM offers to donors of a certain amount when the station does it's semi annual pledge drives. Jaymz Bee is a popular Toronto personality and DJ at the station and he takes the group of donors on what they call a jazz safari which is basically a pub crawl for jazz lovers. The safari visits about 4 or 5 clubs in a night.

Live recordings are really a crap shoot because there are so many variables, even beyond the actual performance of each musician. Noisy customers, bar staff and drink making noises etc plus the one take aspect of such a recording.
Having said that I am very pleased with it. The band sounds great and Darrel Moen (audio recorder) did an amazing job really capturing the band and the in the moment energy of the music. Mark Dunn (bass) and Dave MacDougall (drums) played there asses off. Looking forward to mixing it with Darrel and releasing it.

I played my Gibson Es 339 through my ZT Lunch Box and it sounded great. The Lunch Box really surprised me how well it recorded. It sounds big and warm. I ran it through a ART reverb mini rack unit and a Boss DDD1 delay pedal and that's it.

Also played with my good friend and great jazz singer Vincent Wolfe today. Nice time. Daytime gigs are always odd but fun.

I've been listening to:

Willie Nelson - It Always Will Be.
I've always loved Willie. A true original and very talented. He is a good guitar player and a good singer and sounds like no one else. He composed "Crazy" and sold it for $50 and a bottle of Jack Daniels rumour has it. Didn't hurt him that's for sure. He has written a lot of big hits and has been an international star for years. This record features Paul Franklin and Dan Dugmore on pedal steel, Brent Mason and Kenny Greenberg on electric guitar, Eddie Bayers and Shannon Forrest on drums, Michael Rhodes and Glenn Worf on bass and Matt Rollings on piano among others. Nashville A-team for sure. Willie also plays his old Martin nylon string guitar to great success as usual. Really dig this record and definitely recommend it.

John Scofield - Grace Under Pressure
Big Scofield fan and big Bill Frisell fan and they are both on this record along with Charlie Haden on bass and Joey Baron on drums. There is also great horn writing on this recording and features Randy Brecker on trumpet, Jim Pugh on trombone and John Clark on French Horn. I love that horn combination. This is a great CD and shows why Scofield and Frisell are among the worlds most respected jazz guitarists and are both so unique. Two notes and I know who it is. Great recording!!

That's all for now.

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